Sunday Services

During the current pandemic we have a service  published on the Robin Chapel, Edinburgh pages on Facebook and You Tube which has a different format from our usual Robin Chapel Services. As our staff are on furlough we cannot offer the range of music which is a major feature of the unique liturgy normally used, with renaissance to twenty-first century choral repertoire, and a wide range of traditional hymnody and psalms.

All are welcome at these ecumenical services. The chapel is dedicated to the memory of Robin Tudsbery who died tragically at the end of the Second World War, and his parents’ wish was that all will be welcome in the chapel no matter from where they came.

Guest preachers are a feature to ensure every branch of the Christian church has a place here, and this tradition continues to the present day with the Chaplain usually taking two of the services in a month and invited preachers the other Sundays. A list of preachers is available on this web site.

For the current music list, see the Music page of this site, and click here to see past music lists, carol services and other archived service orders.

Special Services

Special services are arranged to link with the main Christian festivals throughout the year, but also to commemorate significant events in Robin Tudsbery’s life. At these times the original Order of Service (from the 1950s) is used.