Welcome to the website of the Robin Chapel. Whether you come as part of a Christian denomination or none all have a place within these walls; where the love of God dwells.

Within these pages you will discover the work of the Chapel, its purpose, and function. The Chapel holds a unique place within the ecclesiastical life of Scotland in being interdenominational. A church dedicated to the glory of God and a home for all Christians, a place of unity..

February at the Robin Chapel

2 Candlemas Holy Communion
Preacher: Very Rev. Dr, Sheilagh Kesting, Ecumenical Secretary and Moderator Church of Scotland 2007-2008
Hymns: 426, 30, 626
Psalm: 24 vv7-10 (t.322 St George’s Edinburgh)
Stanford Communion Service in C
Farmer Lord’s Prayer
Rutter Choral Amen

9 Third Sunday before Lent Revised Order
Preacher: Rev. Professor Gordon Graham, Director of Edinburgh Sacred Arts Foundation, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and the Arts, Princeton Theological Seminary, USA
Vaughan Williams Sanctus from Mass in G Minor
Hymns: 393, 305, 267
Psalm: 112 vv1-9 (t.278)
Harris Strengthen Ye The Weak Hands
Duruflé Lord’s Prayer
Mundy Choral Amen

16 Second Sunday before Lent Choral Evensong
Preacher: Professor Herbert Kerrigan QC Chair of the Thistle Trust
Hymns: 410, 427
Psalm 136 vv1-9 Bielby
Aylewood Preces and Responses
Howells Gloucester Service (Evening)
Vaughan Williams Kyrie from Mass in G Minor

23 Sunday Before Lent Revised Order
Preacher: Rev. Calum Macleod, Minister of St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh
Tallis O Nata Lux
Hymns: 251, 177, 175
Psalm 2 vv1-6 (t.137 in Aflat)
J.S Bach O Jesus Christ, mein Lebens Licht ESM
Rose Lord’s Prayer
Rose Choral Amen